SafeVault does not have any centralized cloud that stores your merkle trees, and has no 3rd party reliance. Everything is on IPFS and Ethereum. Anyone can self-host Vault on their own.



    Good News vs Bad News

    Good News : You can "host" your deposited funds (ETH and ERC20 assets) trustlessly, SAFE VAULT solving the two main pain points: private key stolen and forgotten


    Bad News : Since only the vault owner' wallet has the right to withdraw,and Guardian key is backup method, If your Guardian key is lost too, your money cannot be withdrawn temporarily unless some day you retrieve the owner‘s wallet key or Guardian key/mnemonic.






    Based on the community-led open ecosystem, providing universal, independent, scalable, and open Web3.0 SafeVault API standards and services, we are waiting for the ethereum Account Abstraction and ERC-4337 proposal to be mature, and will gradually introduce MPC technology.

  • 99.99% Safety Improvement

    Comprehensive analysis shows that the application of Safe Vault is 99.99% safer than general hot wallets; but for 100% fund security, we still recommend that you: protect the security of the wallet private key or mnemonic phrase.


  • SSP Network

    Safe Staking Pool Network

    • sspNetwork:Safe Staking Pools Network
    • DSTaaS:Decentralized Liquid Staking Service
    • ssv.Network: SSV.Network & DVT Based
    • ReStaking:Advanced value-added services, providing instant liquidity and higher APR

  • Contributors

    Active Contributors

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    Max Lee

    Product architecture, has achieved the development of the third-generation directed acyclic graph public chain DAGX, the main architect of the enterprise big data platform BigForm, and an evangelist who popularized blockchain technology and NFT in the early days

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    Tiny Xiong

    Major smart contract developer, successively served as development manager of Innovation Works and Cheetah Mobile. Initiator of learnblockchain.cn, cooperative lecturer of Ethereum Community Foundation.

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    David Dai

    Technology & Market Expert Advisor,After graduating from the National University of Singapore, he has worked in Micronas, Google, Trident, sigma design and other research institutions and multinational companies. He started to start a business in the blockchain field in 2017. He has rich experience in business and technology in the blockchain field.

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    Jonver Lee

    Market operation, A serial entrepreneur, an early practitioner of financial technology, and a technology pioneer engaged in the implementation of blockchain scenarios;

    Focus on risk assurance analysis and design of financial system informatization and insurance business, good at financial product planning and project management;

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    Boris Su

    Asia Pacific Industry Partner Development Consultant, Focusing on blockchain underlying technology and industry application development, in 2017, using Bitcoin technology to develop Artchain, the earliest art blockchain platform

    The earliest technical expert in China to study Blockstack public chain technology. Committed to the protection of decentralized Internet identity ID and citizen data privacy.